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Wednesday 6 March 2019, 6.30pm

in the Garden Room, Amory Centre. 

Our new Consultant, Mr Graham Townsend from Planning Partnership Ltd, will attend to meet the Forum members and discuss our next steps.

South Molton Neighbourhood Plan

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Open Space and Leisure

Key Issues

The North Devon Open Space Strategy identifies that there is a deficiency in informal public open spaces, equipped play areas, sports pitches and cemeteries/churchyards, with the existing cemetery having limited capacity for future burials.


To protect, promote and enhance open and green space within and aroud the Parish of South Molton's present and future planned built environment and green infrastructure.

To protect, promote and enhance facilities and amenities to meet the leisure and sports demands of the present and future planned resident population and visitors.


Housing and business developments which cycle and footpath networks providing links to existing paths and the Town Centre will be encouraged.


Green infrastructure throughout the town should be maintained and encouraged; projects that protect green space and green installations will be supported.

Loss of open space will only be supported where a direct replacement ona 'like for like' basis can be acheived.


Development of new sports facilities will be encouraged and any sports developments within the town should consider the inclusion of a suitable lit running track. Examples to include:

Creation of accessible (including parking) Junior (U18) supervised sport playing facilities with associated changing room and shower facilities.

Adult sports facilities with 2-3 pitches surrounded by running/cycle track. This facility should have a good access, as well as parking and changing facilities.


The creation of a Community Usage Agreement for sports, changing and shower facilities between the Community College and the Parish will be encouraged.


A 10 hectar site owned by South Molton Town Council, between Common Moors Lane and Castle Hill Estate, will be allocated as a wetland area for future protection and enhancement.

Public Space & Outdoor Recreation