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Wednesday 6 March 2019, 6.30pm

in the Garden Room, Amory Centre. 

Our new Consultant, Mr Graham Townsend from Planning Partnership Ltd, will attend to meet the Forum members and discuss our next steps.

South Molton Neighbourhood Plan

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N. Devon & Torridge Local Plan

The key points set out in the new plan as follows:

(a) provision of a minimum of 1,240 dwellings, including affordable and extra care homes, to meet the range of the communities' housing needs, with associated development and infrastructure on a continuous basis during the Plan period between 2011 and 2031;

(b) provision of new site allocations of approximately 920 dwellings and non-allocated developable sites of approximately 194 dwellings;

c) an urban extension to the west of South Molton to accommodate approximately 860 new dwellings supported by required physical, social and green infrastructure;

(d) provision of approximately 10.8 hectares of additional employment land to the east and west of Hacche Lane at Pathfields Business Park plus an additional 2.5 hectares for a new livestock market to strengthen the town’s role as a vibrant business and employment centre;

(e) expansion and enhancement of the town centre to strengthen the town’s vitality and viability and reduce leakage of spend to other centres;

(f) social and community facilities required to support new development including provision of a new primary school, site with the expansion of the existing infant school and junior school to become a primary school, provision of a children's base centre, a new medical centre, new sewage treatment works, additional sports pitches, allotments and informal open space;

(g) a new sports hub to the south of the Community College;

(h) provision of a new distributor road through the strategic western extension securing enhancement of the town’s transport infrastructure to reduce town centre congestion and optimising accessibility to jobs, shops and community facilities within and around the town;

i) provision of additional footpaths, cyclepaths and bridleway routes around the town towards providing an orbital route within an enhanced green infrastructure network;

(j) improvements to highway safety for existing junctions on the A361; and

(k) support for initiatives to improve and mitigate against any harm to water quality in the rivers and streams.

South Molton Neighbourhood Plan can not go against the emerging N. Devon & Torridge Local Plan