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Wednesday 6 March 2019, 6.30pm

in the Garden Room, Amory Centre. 

Our new Consultant, Mr Graham Townsend from Planning Partnership Ltd, will attend to meet the Forum members and discuss our next steps.

South Molton Neighbourhood Plan

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Key Issues

Consultation with South Molton residents identified that new developments were not meeting the needs of local people as they are too expensive. Current homes in the area are also too small, therefore they are not providing enough space for families.



Reduction of congestion by providing adequate parking and encouraging other modes of transport.

To ensure that any future housing development is of a high standard of design which will protect the physical and mental well-being of South Molton residents.

To ensure that all new developments are built to the highest energy efficient standards; incorporating renewable energy measures where possible.

To ensure that any new housing development fits well into the context of the Parish in terms of type, mix, scale and character.

New developments will reflect local needs, particularly in terms of provision of affordable housing for local residents.




New developments should comply with the following parking standards:



If a new residential development is equipped with a garage, then the garage should be greater than or  equal to 7m or 3m in area.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


In any new major developments, an element of parking should be provided for commercial vehicles and caravans


All new dwellings should, as a minimum, comply with the space standards as set out in the government's Nationally Described Space Standard.


Every new home should meet the following private amenity standards:


New build flats will also be expected to have a private balcony area.


New dwellings should have a level access and be wide enough for wheelchair use.


In any new development larger than 10 dwelings, 10% should be single storey suitable for the needs of...?


In any new development the provision of publically accessible electric charging points will be encouraged.


All new developments should embrace sustainable design.


It is important that new developments respect the rural character of South Molton.


50% of new build affordable housing in the Neighbourhood Plan area should be allocated to those with a local connection to South Molton.