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Wednesday 6 March 2019, 6.30pm

in the Garden Room, Amory Centre. 

Our new Consultant, Mr Graham Townsend from Planning Partnership Ltd, will attend to meet the Forum members and discuss our next steps.

South Molton Neighbourhood Plan

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Business and Employment

Key Issues

South Molton's average household income is £23,172, approximately 7% below the district average figure, and the levels of unemployment are slightly above that of the whole County. These figures combined with the average house price in South Molton increasing at a faster rate than the rest of North Devon, mean that there is a need for higher paid jobs in the neighbourhood.


To treat emploment and business holistically, promoting not only the town centre but also Pathfields ad other business enterprises on the outskirts of town.

Encourage larger employers to open enterprises in South Molton.

Encourage higher skilled and higher paid industries to the area.


The proposed expansion of the Pathfields Industrial Estate in accordance with Policy SM03 of the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan will be supported. In particular, the provision of flexible office space, serviced officed and work hubs.


Planning applications which protect and enhance Horsepond Meadow Business Park will be encouraged.


The development of further tourist facilities in the town centre will be encouraged. Proposals that link to the historic value of the old Livestock Market and those which retain and enhance the Pannier Market will be suported e.g. a visitor centre at the Livestock Market.


With redevelopment proposals for the Quince Honey Farm site, the existing listed workplace building will be retained.


A development proposal for a supermarket within the town will be supported.

Business & Employment